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Software Sources is a distributor and reseller for Israel for many major international companies, and aim to locate and import any desired publication, from around the globe – rapidly and hassle free.


Please click on the appropriate addresses below in order to get full publication descriptions, and then you can contact us and get specific ordering, pricing information and the best delivery time possible.


Here is a list with some of the companies and publications we distribute in Israel (Alphabetically sorted).


Banker's Almanac - All kinds of Publication
  • • Banker's Almanac on CD-ROM
    • Web access to Banker's Almanac Data Warehouse
    • Banker's Almanac (on hardcopy)

Dr. Dobb's - Software Tools for the Professional Programmer

  • • Dr. Dobbs Publications

Focus Books

 Hod-Ami Books


International Communication Union
  • • ITU Publications

Opus Books


Penton Media Inc.

• Windows IT Pro


Microsoft Press

microsoft press
  • Microsoft Press Publications
Spec - Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
  • • Special Benchmark's Software with Results in the following Areas:
         o SPECapc
         o SPECviewperf
         o SPEC HPC96
         o SPEC OMP2001
         o SPEC CPU2000
         o SPEC JVM98 SPEC JBB2000
         o SPEC MAIL2001
         o SPEC WEB99
Spotbeam Communications UK
  • • Satellite, Internet and Multimedia Business News and Analysis,
    as well as research papers and publications
TBS - Tag's Broadcasting Service
  • • The Satellite Encyclopedia (TSE)
         o TSE www edition
         o TSE CD edition
         o TSE ftp edition

  • • Satellite News Digest - www edition
Telegeography, Inc.
  • • Voice
         o Traffic Telegeography 2003
         o Telegeography 2002
         o International Traffic Database
         o Global Communications Traffic Map 2000
  • • Networks
         o Submarine Bandwidth 2002
         o Terrestrial Bandwidth 2002
         o MANs 2003: Metropolitan Area Networks
         o Colocation 2002: A guide to Space & Power
         o European Terrestrial Networks Map 2002
         o Global Communications Cable & Satellite Map 2002
  • • Bandwidth Pricing
         o Bandwidth Pricing Database Service
         o Band-X International Indices: Bandwidth & Minutes Pricing Trends
         o Band-X US Indices: Domestic Bandwidth Pricing Trends
  • • Internet
         o Global Internet Geography 2003
         o US Internet Geography 2003
         o Packet Geography 2002
         o Global Internet Map 2002


Many more publications and research are available!


If you know of a publication, research, report, book or any magazine that you desire (it may be any kind from around the globe that is not listed above), please contact us with specific information, preferably with the product’s website or printed info, and we will check with the publisher all options available, in order to get it for you in the fastest way possible.